Monday, February 11, 2019

Survival instinct

This year sees the oldest record shop in the world, Spillers in Cardiff, celebrate its 125th birthday. Its longevity is astonishing, given the challenges of the sector generally and the specific threats to its survival in the last decade, with the development of the St David's 2 shopping centre forcing a move from the Hayes into Morgan Arcade. Arguably even more remarkable is that Spillers' saviour was a 26 year old who has since overseen the shop's resurgence, forecasting the vinyl boom and understanding that it's the personal touch and a sense of community that makes all the difference.

To mark the anniversary of the store first opening its doors in Queen's Arcade in 1894, David Owens has spoken to owner/manager Ashli Todd about its past and present and her integral role in ensuring that it has reached such a significant milestone. His article captures the high esteem in which the shop and its staff are held, and the affection that young and old alike feel for a place that is a genuine institution. Personally speaking, it's a chastening reminder that I should visit far more than I do, and put my money where my mouth is more often.

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