Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Top pop tips

Asked by Buzz music editor Noel Gardner to single out a local artist or band to watch in 2019, I had no hesitation in choosing Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. It comes as little surprise to see that the glam-rocking scamps are being tipped for big things in the national media too, featuring in the Guardian's "best new music of 2019" list on account of their "songwriting omnipotence". As one song title has it, 'John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ' - it might not be long before frontman Tom Lees is following in his hero's footsteps and declaring his band to be bigger than the Messiah.

Congratulations too to Oxford hardcore crew MSRY, who also merit a mention. Heartily endorsed by Nightshift, the publication that does more than any other to champion the city's up-and-coming talent, the trio are included for their ability to "upend a moshpit in seconds flat".

It's worth adding that Nilufer Yanya was one of the acts tipped for greatness at the start of this year by Rob of Sounding Bored (c'mon Guardian writers, try keeping up...). Meanwhile, Twin Temple ("Satanism and doo-wop") sound sufficiently bizarre to be intriguing, but Spielbergs - despite the Cloud Nothings comparisons - promise to be hard to stomach given the fact that they've written a "post-rock ballad called 'McDonalds (Please Don't Fuck Up My Order)'"...

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