Friday, January 11, 2019

Tearing up the dancefloor

Selling off pieces of its dancefloor really does feel like Rock City (my favourite ever venue) selling its soul bit by bit. But the truth is that I'd happily own a fragment. It's just that £25 to £30 is rather steep, even for the sake of nostalgia, and I'd want a piece that hadn't been embossed with the logo or cleaned. My main memory of that surface is of it being coated in the stickiest substance known to man - a combination of dirt, beer and bodily fluids - so an unwashed piece could be affixed above the mantelpiece without the aid of additional adhesive.

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jonathan said...

'Dirt, beer and bodily fluids'. A potent mixture no doubt more powerful and effective than the ingredients behind the patent 'No Nails' brand to name just one. Certainly I know which option I'd be choosing should I ever be faced with obligatory front-on adhesion to the upper portions of a photogenic towerblock.

Great to know you're still out there Ben and dispensing almost-daily wisdom and wit as ever. I'm still out there and will never forget you were among the first to comment and encourage! With love. Jonathan x