Monday, November 05, 2018

Paying tribute to the past, looking forward to the future

RIP Josh Fauver, formerly of Deerhunter, who has died at the age of just 39. I'll remain eternally grateful to him for 'Nothing Ever Happened', the track from Microcastle that propelled the band to wider attention and that ten years on remains one of my absolute favourite songs. The focus usually falls on Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt, but not only did Fauver co-write the song, but it's his bassline that provides the propulsive force that makes it so special.

On a brighter note, the band recently announced that a new album, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?, will be released in January. The first taster from the album (their eighth),  'Death In Midsummer', is very promising indeed. 2015's Fading Frontier flattered to deceive slightly, in that the first half was far stronger than the second. Here's hoping that the forthcoming LP is more consistently high quality.

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