Friday, September 14, 2018

If you go down to the woods today...

There may have been better albums released in 2018, but there can't have been many as unique as Gazelle Twin's Pastoral, which I've just reviewed for Buzz: the multi-voiced, multi-layered creation of a lycra-clad jester that sees horror in tradition and the rural and that draws upon both medieval folk and 90s rave, often at the same time. Catfish & The Bottlemen this is not. Awarding it only three stars is perhaps a little harsh, but I do stand by my verdict that the concept trumps the execution.

In a bumper month for albums, there are also reviews of new releases from Idles, Mogwai, Anna Calvi, Christine And The Queens, Menace Beach, Alice In Chains, Arabrot and Orbital. And not to forget a rightly glowing recommendation for 'How I Faked The Moon Landing', the latest single from Cardiff band Silent Forum.

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