Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fighting for laughs

According to host Dara O'Briain, Mock The Week is no longer as competitive and cut-throat as it was: "Now it's far looser, more fluid conversation than it was. It used to be boom, boom, cut across each other, elbows, and it's just thankfully relaxed a lot now." Certainly, it was an ugly spectacle, privileging those who spoke most loudly and confidently and all too often egging panellists into making mindlessly offensive comments in the hope of stealing the limelight.

While O'Briain's right about this shift (and the fact that it's a very welcome one), and the show continues to enable rising stars of the stand-up circuit to break into the mainstream rather than booking the same old faces, it still suffers from a serious problem: it just isn't funny.

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