Saturday, February 10, 2018

Marital bliss

I've already enthused about Dream Wife's self-titled debut LP on Episode 25 of Sounding Bored, but that wasn't going to stop me doing so again in print, for Buzz. It's an easy album to enthuse about, really - being full to the brim of enthusiasm itself. Nice to see a band that I first saw at the Dials festival in Southsea in 2015 and again at Southsea Fest the following year have been able to successfully translate what they do live into recorded form.

Other new releases reviewed in this month's issue include those by Bardo Pond, Franz Ferdinand, The Lovely Eggs, John Mouse, Wild Beasts and Lawrence Hayward's Go-Kart Mozart. I've not heard any of them - but would politely suggest that the two-star rating of Hookworms' Microshift, and the suggestion that "it feels too controlled and contrived" are well wide of the mark.

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