Thursday, February 08, 2018

Delights on the doorstep

I've said it before and will no doubt say it again: living in Canton, we're incredibly fortunate to have so many great places to eat, drink and generally be merry. This We Are Cardiff post from last August does a good job of featuring several that I'd heartily recommend (Crafty Devil Brewing, St Canna's Ale House, Park View Cafe, Thompson's Park, Viva Latino, Clwb Iechyd Da, La Creperie De Claudie) and several others about which I've heard good things but am yet to visit (Pettigrew Bakery, The Dough Thrower, Dusty Knuckle).

That said, there are plenty more places you could justifiably add to that list: Chapter, Brod, Chai Street, the Lansdowne, Bangkok Thai, Time & Beef, Stefanos, Sen BBQ, Calabrisella, Janata Palace, the Purple Poppadom. My mouth's watering at the mere thought. Why, we sometimes find ourselves wondering, would anyone bother making the 20-minute trek into the city centre?

And to think we were seriously contemplating living out in the suburbs...

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