Monday, January 15, 2018

Know Your Enemy

"The question presupposed by the title of the Maverick Toadmeister's bestselling book How To Lose Friends and Alienate People has been fairly comprehensively answered."

The pithiest comment in Stewart Lee's Guardian piece on Toby Young, which finds him on superb form. Young is variously described as a "grindingly algorithmic controversialist", "a shit Clarkson" and, for his attempts to distance himself from his socialist father, "a raging zoo monkey" who "has wasted his life spitting cold mucus at a ghost and throwing clumps of his own hot excrement at a [shadow]".

This being Stewart Lee, there's also room for a dig at Queen (and, by implication, Ben Elton) and a reference to Amanda Holden's endorsement of Alpen, "the colonic cleansing breakfast dust".

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