Monday, December 04, 2017

Twisted tributes

In his recent article on "superniche" cover bands, the Guardian's Michael Hann may have overlooked my chums Elvana, about to head out on their first overseas tour, but he did mention an outfit they've previously supported, Bee-Gees-gone-metal jokers Tragedy.

I'd heard of (and loved) the concept behind Ye Nuns (an all-female Monks cover band), but was surprised to discover that they include a whole clutch of former members of bloody awful Britpop bands (Echobelly, Salad, Gay Dad) in their ranks.

A particular debt of gratitude is owed to Hann for introducing me to Jewdriver, "who perform the songs of the neo-Nazi punk band Skrewdriver, reconfigured to remove the nazism", and Electronica Wizard, who prompted me to (finally) listen to Dopethrone by their inspirations, doom metal band Electric Wizard. It's somewhat Sabbathy, shall we say...

(Thanks to Ronan for the link.)

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