Saturday, December 16, 2017

Comedy comebacks are for 2018, not just for Christmas

It just gets better. Contrary to initial expectations, the festive episode of Vic & Bob's Big Night Out won't be a one-off, with a full four-episode series announced for next year. It'll be on BBC Four rather than BBC Two, though - an interesting decision, given the generally higher-brow content of the former's programming and the duo's trademark silliness and scatalogical humour.

What's more, there'll be further League Of Gentlemen material to enjoy in 2018, with the news of a tour in August and September. It kicks off in Sunderland, the only place they can be pretty much guaranteed of an audience even more grotesque than their own caricatures.

And all of this on top of the new Alan Partridge series. Plenty to look forward to, then. Sod's law, though, that Donald Trump will have ensured we've all been vapourised in World War III before we get a chance to see them.

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