Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Wrong place, wrong time

First it was Radiohead - now it's Nick Cave who's at the sharp end of criticism from a coalition that includes Roger Waters, Mike Leigh and Ken Loach for scheduling gigs in Israel. And just as there was some awkwardness then (Radiohead's former associate Brian Eno was among their critics, and their producer Nigel Godrich was caught between two stools, having just worked on Waters' album), there is some awkwardness now: Thurston Moore, a signatory of both open letters, has previously collaborated with Cave on a cover of The Gun Club's 'Nobody's City' (with Iggy Pop) and the pair have sometimes moved in similar circles since the 1990s.

Radiohead refused to back down - indeed, Thom Yorke lashed out in response and the band went on to play a particularly long headline set in July - so it'll be interesting to see if Cave follows suit or instead chooses to cancel the dates.

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