Friday, November 10, 2017

Scratching beneath the surface

Independent venues may be struggling, beset by a whole host of threats, but - according to Clash - "Britain's DIY underground has never been stronger". To illustrate the point, Jack Palfrey has singled out five indie labels fighting the good fight to bring exciting new bands to fresh ears and wider audiences - including Oddbox, formerly of London but now based in Cardiff.

Of the bands mentioned in the article, I like the sound of both Pink Kink ("a sneering, hyperactive mix of The Cramps and Bikini Kill whilst taking aim at themes of sexual liberation and getting stoned") and The Gametes ("an Australian band who sound more like what I'd imagine The Fall would have conjured up if they found a home in 70s New York").

Meanwhile, Palfrey identifies RIP Records as having been responsible for putting out an early Blossoms EP and therefore instrumental in helping them to get where they are today - let's try not to hold it against them, eh?

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