Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Merry Christmas

Gawd bless BBC2 for an apparent determination to make this Christmas particularly merry. Not only will the channel be screening the three new episodes of League Of Gentlemen during the festive period, it will also be building up to the forthcoming new Alan Partridge sitcom with a documentary called Alan Partridge: Why, Where, When, How And Whom? Back of the net.

According to the press release, the programme - which promises new material and unseen footage and features a host of comic actors who have worked with Coogan's creation - "will explore Alan's unprecedented cultural influence, his impact on the comedy landscape, and how the most entertainingly contemptible man in fictional light entertainment has become permanently embedded in the national vernacular". Recognition of his influence and impact is certainly merited, and the press release is also spot on when it ventures that Neil and Rob Gibbons "have taken the character to new heights".

All in all, a fine way to ensure that the new series is even more feverishly anticipated.

(Thanks to Matt for the link.)

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