Monday, October 23, 2017

"You are not part of the pop scene"

As a keen fan of Madball, Sleep and My Dying Bride, Richard Burgon isn't exactly your average MP. When it comes to music, your average MP is rather more like Margaret Thatcher: clueless, basically. In preparation for a 1987 interview with Smash Hits, in a futile attempt to connect with young people, she requested a briefing on what sort of issues she might be asked to comment on - and the result, put together by an advisor who was almost equally clueless, makes for hilarious reading, not least for the characterisation of the "'PUNK' era" as "a very basic musical style featuring a strange bunch of anti-establishment acts".

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump recently prompted laughter with the claim that she had a "punk phase", especially because she cited her love of Nirvana as evidence. To quote the succinct response of Twitter user Zombie Queen, "Nazi punks fuck off".

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