Wednesday, October 11, 2017

William: it was really something

Look who's back with a new album (Ogilala), a new accompanying promotional film (Pillbox) and a new name (William Patrick Corgan). Together with a number of other journalists, Fiona Madden was invited to a theatre in London for a screening of the film and then into an underground vault for a live acoustic performance of some of the new songs - and a few old classics - by the bald-bonced one himself, and has reported back on the experience for Drowned In Sound.

In recent years, Corgan - always a notorious egomaniac - has become an increasingly risible figure: buying a wrestling company, railing against political correctness and social justice warriors at every opportunity (including in conversation with Alex Jones on Infowars), "entertaining" visitors to his Chicago tea shop Madame Zuzu's with "an eight-hour ambient jam inspired by Herman Hesse's Siddhartha". And yet I'd still probably hack off a finger for the chance to see him perform 'Tonight, Tonight', '1979' and 'Disarm' at close quarters.

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