Monday, October 16, 2017

Support act

Last year, Noisey very laudably dedicated a whole series of posts to the issue of mental health and music, to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, and the site is now reporting on the establishment of Music Minds Matter, a 24-hour helpline for those working in the music industry, funded by Help Musicians UK. Two years ago, it was worrying to note that even those who would most benefit from the charity's services were unaware of its existence, so moves such as this will certainly help to raise its profile.

It's obviously disappointing that it seems to have taken the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington to bring mental health in music fully to the fore, but hopefully now initiatives like Music Minds Matter and Mental Health in Music (launched at the Moon in Cardiff yesterday) plus candid, campaigning musicians such as Nadine Shah (who also spoke out on the issue in Cardiff yesterday, from the stage at the Globe) can help to keep it there.

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