Thursday, October 26, 2017

Quote of the day

"It was comedy, Jim, but not as we know it, because there was a strong moral force behind it. Morris could have been an incredible journalist, but he saw that television news had been begging to be parodied. Brass Eye has been copied, but it can never be the same, because Morris is not really a comedian in the usual sense."

Playwright Jonathan Maitland on Brass Eye. Oxide Ghosts, the behind-the-scenes/outtakes film put together by the show's director Michael Cummings with Chris Morris' blessing, continues to tour the country's independent cinemas and Maitland has chaired a couple of the post-screening discussions.

Inevitably but quite rightly, Chortle's Andy Murray concluded his review of the film: "If you're an admirer of the show and the opportunity should arise for you to see Oxide Ghosts, have some self re-cocking-spect and do so without hesitation". Sadly, that opportunity doesn't look as though it's going to present itself for me - unless Chapter get a screening booked?

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