Thursday, September 07, 2017

Support act

It's easy to turn up to a gig, enjoy yourself for a couple of hours and then head home again, without sparing a thought for all the hard graft that's gone into setting it all up and ensuring it runs smoothly. Promoters are an integral part of any city's music scene, bringing national and international acts to local audiences while (ideally) also championing the cream of the city's own bands and musicians.

In an attempt to give credit where it's due and offer exposure to some of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, I spoke to Matt Jarrett, one half of Cardiff promoting team Fuelled By Jealous Lovers, who have put on two of the best gigs I've been to this year (IDLES in April and Tricot at the tail end of last month).

At a time when venues seem to be under increasing threat every day, it's encouraging to know that live music has such enthusiastic and passionate supporters. It's down to the rest of us to do our bit.

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