Friday, September 15, 2017

Makes no sense at all

RIP Grant Hart.

This almost certainly isn't the place or time to admit this, but I've never really got Husker Du. They're one of my biggest blind spots - and I say that as a fan of most things from the 80s US underground and of Bob Mould's later band Sugar. When, at the Nightmare Before Christmas ATP in 2009, Mould appeared on stage with No Age to run through some Husker Du songs, I was probably the only person in the room grumbling that it meant fewer of No Age's own bangers.

What's put me off in the past has been an inability to get over the rudimentary recording quality of their albums - a very poor excuse, in other words. Reading the obituaries and tributes, it seems obvious that I should absolutely love them.

Where to start, though? Zen Arcade, I guess?

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