Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The underground resistance

Deeply saddening news from Oxford, where the Cellar is under threat of closure. It's a classic underground gig venue - a scruffy, dark, low-ceilinged sweatpit - and perhaps most importantly is located just off Cornmarket, right in the city centre, rather than out on Cowley Road. Its loss - threatened by the charities who own the building and want to redevelop it into additional retail space - would be a devastating blow to the city's live music scene.

Unsurprisingly, the outcry has been immediate and loud, with punters and musicians alike expressing their dismay and signing a petition protesting the proposed closure. I have many fond memories of shows there, not least Oxes back in October 2008 and Maiians with Cassels in January 2016 (ironically to mark Independent Venue Week). It was also the site of my last gig in the city before moving (The Wave Pictures last November).

Here's hoping an amicable solution can be reached and its doors can remain open.

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