Sunday, July 02, 2017

Know Your Enemy

"In the wake of the Manchester bomb atrocity in May, Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told NHS staff in Manchester and the surrounding areas 'we are so proud of what you have done'.

In her speech made in the immediate aftermath of the terror attack at London Bridge in early June, Theresa May praised the work of the emergency services. But yesterday the Tories - along with the 10 DUP MPs they bought with £1bn of public money earlier in the week - voted against a proposal to end the pay freeze on the wages of nurses, firefighters and other public sector workers.

And they laughed and cheered when their 'victory' was announced in Parliament, at their success in blocking a pay rise for workers they praised as heroes only weeks before. 

This must never be forgotten or forgiven. The Tories have proven once again that they are lower than vermin."

In a letter to the Independent published a couple of days ago, reader Sasha Simic is suitably blunt in her reaction to the latest in a long line of appalling acts made and decisions taken by the Tories.

(Thanks to Polly for the link.)

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