Thursday, July 20, 2017

Art rock

It made a change to write a preview rather than a review - especially of a gig I'm unfortunately not going to be able to go to: Martin Creed's Talk And Songs show at Chapter this Saturday. A shame, as I've been quite enjoying the artist's musical output (particularly 'Understanding' and the Sgt Pepper's-esque 'Let Them In'), and he was an engaging interviewee on Vic Reeves' BBC4 programme Gaga for Dada last year.

Doing the background research was an absolute pleasure, too. Sadly, the restrictive word count prevented me from including such details as the fact that he's afraid of cheese and, when asked when he was happiest for the Guardian's Q&A feature, responded "Probably before I started thinking".

It has to be said, though, that, given the piece for which he won the Turner Prize in 2001, I think he missed a trick by not calling his album There Is A Light That Sometimes Goes Out...

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