Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fool's gold

I'll admit that while I've long approved of what Jeremy Corbyn stands for, like many others, I had become unconvinced by his leadership of the Labour Party and was unsure he could deal any kind of blow to the Tories in the election. How wrong I was (happily) - but not as wrong as Observer columnist Nick Cohen. He published a piece in March (before Theresa May called the snap election) that not only denounced Corbyn's leadership and electoral prospects, but also the man himself and any Observer readers "foolish" enough to back him.

At the time, the article drew criticism for its sweary and intemperate concluding message for Corbynites; three months on, its unpleasantly patronising and hectoring tone seems even more ill judged, and the content of the whole piece leaves Cohen looking like the real fool. Presumably he's now on a steady diet of humble pie.

(Thanks to Chris for the link.)

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