Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This charming man

It's often debated who was the best James Bond, but, as a child growing up in the 1980s, there was only ever one 007 for me: the late, great Roger Moore - a suave, calm hero always ready with a raised eyebrow, able to charm his way out of tight situations and deliver one-liners once he'd done so.

So perfect was he for the role that even his name sounded like an Ian Fleming character who might star opposite Pussy Galore (either that, or appear in a Carry On film or in the pages of Viz). I can't say I've kept up with the Bond franchise in recent years (far from it), but A View To A Kill remains my absolute favourite - thanks in no small part to Moore's presence (though, admittedly, Christopher Walken is the real star of that one).

Moore is also synonymous with The Saint and The Persuaders, but - as the statement from his three children noted - it was actually his work as an ambassador for UNICEF "that he considered to be his greatest achievement".

Marc Haynes' recollection of meeting Moore on two different occasions separated by a number of years is a fitting testimony to a British icon.

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