Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Street spirit

The fight to save Womanby Street, the hub of Cardiff's music scene, stepped up a gear or two at the weekend with both a well-attended march to City Hall on Saturday backed by music lovers and politicians and the reopening of the Full Moon, now rebranded as the Moon, less than a month after it looked to have closed its doors for good.

Unfortunately, I wasn't around to lend my support in person, but hats off to all those who did, and those who worked tirelessly to make both the march and the reopening a reality. Much credit should also be given to Wales Online's David Owens, who continues to perform a sterling service in publicising the plight of Womanby Street, its significance within the city and the attempts to preserve its unique character. I 'll be sure to raise a glass in their honour next time I'm there: tomorrow, for Tall Ships at Clwb.

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