Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Quote of the day

"Each weekday evening between about seven and 10pm he leaves his office to sit on the paper's back bench and remorselessly rehash that day's offering, all the while delivering what staff call 'the vagina monologues', heated critical assessments of his journalists' efforts, with scattershot use of his favourite word, 'cunt'. Though the Mail's website, with its sidebar of celebrity shame, is the most visited news site in the world, Dacre has little interest in technology. He edits with a blunt pencil, often apparently with enough vitriol to shred his page proofs."

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre really does come across as a charmer in this Observer piece by Tim Adams, which (through the analysis of front pages from the last year) traces the way that Dacre and his paper have managed to manipulate the public and orchestrate Brexit and the ousting of David Cameron. The rag's power is truly scary.

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