Sunday, May 07, 2017

Quote of the day

"There's only us and the [Arctic] Monkeys left on that level. They're great. Kaiser Chief too, probably. When we came out in 2004, you had Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight, Kings Of Leon, The Holloways, The Paddingtons, The Maccabees, Libertines had just finished. It was just a fucking good time. We were 22 and there was so much good music. Bands were back, there were loads of rock magazines, indie and rock 'n' roll were cool. We survived it. Where is rock 'n' roll at the minute? It's gone, isn't it? I reckon it's a mixture of everything. What runs the world at the moment? It's R&B, pop, solo artists. Adele, she's amazing ... Ed Sheeran. There are no bands."

In a world fraught with uncertainty, at least there are some guarantees - such as if you give Kasabian's Tom Meighan enough rope to hang himself with (i.e. an interview with NME), he'll gladly oblige. If his band - whose new album For Crying Out Loud has possibly the shittest cover I've ever seen - are one of the sole remaining keepers of the rock 'n' roll flame, then I'd happily piss on it.

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