Monday, May 01, 2017

It's Wall over now

It's always a shame when time is called on a blog I've been reading and very much enjoying - and that's certainly the case with The Album Wall. The music site first came to my attention via connections on Twitter to our music podcast Sounding Bored, and has been of particular interest to me as it's written by a fellow Cardiff resident, Joel.

The reasons for the blog's demise are familiar: a lack of time and motivation, and the feeling that is blogging becoming more of a chore than a pleasure and starting to negatively impact other areas of life (in Joel's case, his enjoyment of listening to music for its own sake, rather than as something to write about). Credit to him for doing what Paul and I did with Black & White & Read All Over in 2014 and deliberately killing it off rather than allowing it to fade away, with posts becoming less frequent and quality dropping off.

Our paths have crossed before (albeit unknowingly) at the Broken Social Scene/Los Campesinos! gig at the Point in 2006 (my review here, his recollections here), at least, and will hopefully do so again. Cheers for the posts, Joel.

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