Friday, May 05, 2017

A change of scenery

Dempseys and its upstairs music venue have already been replaced by Elevens Bar & Grill (which, looking in the window last night, is - as expected - a weird kind of museum/shrine/upmarket Walkabout in honour of Gareth Bale). Now football is set to inflict further cultural vandalism on Cardiff city centre, with the news that the Millennium Walkway graffiti wall is being removed to allow UEFA to use the space for advertising (but of course) ahead of the Champions League final, which takes place at the Principality Stadium on 3rd June.

The council have at least offered an alternative site, but Callaghan Square is, as local writer Helia Phoenix has noted, "basically just a strange no man's land of a place - a walkway across the middle of a massive roundabout that hugs the edge of the city between Butetown and the city centre". The location has a much lower footfall, so the artworks will be seen by far fewer tourists and appreciated by far fewer locals.

Here's Helia Phoenix's article about the wall for the Caught By The River site.

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