Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quote of the day

"[If] these terrifying criminals tell you to do something you do it, so we had a conga of convicts snaking around the jail. They all seemed to find it hilarious and everyone joined in. It lifted the gloom somewhat. All the murderers and drug dealers wanted to be my mate. It was all the time. Everyone wanted to sing 'Agadoo' with me. It was surreal singing the party song about pushing pineapples and shaking the tree in such grim circumstances, but people were obsessed. At night when we were all in our cells, the entire wing was singing in chorus: 'Agadoo doo doo'. I thought the prison officers would be angry but they found it hilarious."

Black Lace frontman Dene Michael Betteridge talking about the time he recently spent at Her Majesty's pleasure after being found guilty of benefit fraud. As requests go, wanting to hear 'Agadoo' is akin to asking to be waterboarded.

(Thanks to Will for the link.)

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