Friday, September 09, 2016

Knight Night czar in shining armour?

Night czar: it might sound like a superhero's adversary, but it's to be hoped that whoever fills the role - newly created by London mayor Sadiq Khan, with a deadline for applications of Monday - can perform superhero-esque feats in reversing the worrying trend that has seen huge numbers of nightclubs and live music venues close their doors across the capital (and indeed across the country) in recent years. The issue is once more in the news with Fabric losing its licence, but less high-profile closures are taking place on an almost daily basis.

While it's encouraging that there will be someone dedicated to fighting the venues' corners (something that all cities would benefit from), it's disappointing that the job is only two and a half days a week, and it remains to be seen whether the czar will be granted sufficient clout to actually be able to make a significant impact. You'd certainly hope he or she would be able to make more of a difference than Goldie would by melting down his MBE in protest...

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