Monday, August 08, 2016

The loneliness of the long-distance runner DJ

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week back in May, Noisey published a series of articles exploring the issue of music and mental health. One subject I don't think they covered was the specific strains experienced by DJs as opposed to bands: early-hours sets that cause sleep deprivation and disrupt or destroy natural circadian rhythms; crazy schedules that mean endless jetting around the world; social disconnectedness, loneliness and isolation from nature. And all of that on top of the usual problems caused by post-performance depression and the cocktail of drink and drugs that so many musicians resort to just to attempt to get by.

Hard as it might be to feel sympathy for wealthy globe-trotters like Moby, there is nevertheless clearly a serious issue here: namely that performance can be hazardous to health, both mental and physical. Little wonder some DJs and artists are deciding to turn their back on live appearances in the interests of their own sanity and wellbeing.

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