Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On the Spot(ify)

Two thirtysomethings and a fortysomething discussing the ins and outs of streaming could have been a complete car crash, especially given my technological incompetence/ignorance and luddite tendencies, but I actually think we pulled it off. Listen to Episode 8 of Sounding Bored, recorded on Monday night, and see if you agree.

The discussion ranged over everything from economics and discoverability/accessibility to the blend of curation and algorithms behind Spotify's Discover Weekly. Inevitably, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to mention the Indie Brunch incident...

Also covered (briefly) were the new albums from Wild Beasts, Metronomy and Dinosaur Jr, the inaugural Sea Change Festival in Totnes and the British Library's Punk 1976-78 exhibition, while the featured album was PUP's The Dream Is Over, the Torontonian punks' second.

Thanks to Tom for recommending PUP, to Leon for the line about Tim Lovejoy and especially to Simon for links to a wealth of informative articles on Spotify and streaming without which we'd have been pretty clueless.

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