Wednesday, July 20, 2016

You don't fool me

Another day, another bunch of musicians railing against Donald Trump. Queen may not have written a protest song about the Republican presidential candidate, but they have been unequivocal in their disgruntlement at Trump playing 'We Are The Champions' at a campaign rally - unlike Neil Young, who's been somewhat inconsistent on the issue.

It's been suggested that Trump's use of a song by a band famous for featuring an African-born bisexual immigrant of Iranian and Indian descent runs counter to pretty much everything he stands for. As for the band, the official statement and comments from Brian May indicate that actually their problem isn't so much with Trump's politics as with their music being commandeered for political purposes in general. Not quite so principled after all - but then probably only to be expected from a band who failed to see the problem with playing a series of gigs in apartheid South Africa...

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