Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wish you were here?

Let's move to Abingdon? Oh yes, let's - all you need is £300,000 for a poky two-bedroom house with zero character. (That's the sum our neighbours have just sold their place for, barely a year and a half after buying it for £250,000...)

You'll have to excuse the bitterness - in fairness, it's only natural from someone who, at the age of nearly 40, still hasn't got a foot on the property ladder, has no realistic chance of doing so in Abingdon (let alone near Albert Park or on Norman Avenue) and has instead spent the last seven years paying off a huge chunk of someone else's mortgage.

In truth, Abingdon is an attractive place to live, especially with kids - as we've found, there's loads going on - and I can't argue with the recommendations for the Nag's Head or Patisserie Pascal. That said, the town council are currently doing their darndest to ensure it doesn't seem as welcoming as it might to a sizeable segment of the population...

(Thanks to Siobhan and Matt for the links.)

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