Sunday, July 10, 2016

Know Your Enemy

"'I want to speak to the markets', Leadsom smiled, with the air of someone who imagines you can negotiate with gravity. There was absolutely nothing to fear, she went on, smiling that smile again. Andrea Leadsom's smile is terrifying. It is the smile of the school careers adviser telling you flatly that the school is looking for a night caretaker. It is a smile that is powered by the extinguishing of your future. You can't escape Andrea's smile. And it'll certainly come for you if you try. ... As a junior minister in Her Majesty's government, Andrea enjoyed the sort of anonymity you'd hope for in one of the better witness protection programmes. ... At least 50% of her public statements sound as if they were said for a dare. 'Let's banish pessimists.' 'Boris Johnson is a lovely man.' The rest sound like she's assembling endtimes magnetic fridge poetry."

Move over, Frankie - it's your fellow Guardian columnist Marina Hyde's turn to cast her withering gaze on the Tory leadership contest, and on "Brexit's Bisto mum" Andrea Leadsom in particular. Hyde memorably refers to the march to parliament to promote her cause as an "am-dram peasants' revolt".

Meanwhile, novelist Ian McEwan has been reflecting on the profoundly ridiculous events of the past fortnight and come to the conclusion that the best we can hope for is that it was all just a bad dream.

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