Monday, June 27, 2016

Quote of the day

"Why should I do all the hard shit for someone else, just to hand it over to them on a plate?"

David Cameron's alleged comment to aides, following the announcement of his resignation on Friday. Dave, I'd suggest that you should "do all the hard shit" on account of the fact that you called the referendum and  therefore bear ultimate responsiblility for the current state of affairs.

Leave campaigners seem to disagree too, with one pro-Leave MP telling Sky's Faisal Islam that it's the responsibility of Cameron, not his side, to come up with a coherent plan for post-Brexit Britain. Absolutely staggering - more so than all of the frantic backpedalling that Leave supporters have done since the result was announced, including Iain Duncan Smith describing the campaign's promises as "a series of possibilities".

However, it seems that tumult, confusion and anger aren't merely confined to the political class in the wake of the result. Readers of the Daily Mail and the Sun - both of which backed Brexit and have now published articles explaining the financial consequences of the vote - are irritated at having been kept in the dark or lied to. They could perhaps have listened to the Remain campaign rather than accepting the Daily Mail/Sun line that it was all merely scare-mongering...

Elsewhere, the Independent have published a piece in which an idiotic twentysomething expresses "Bregrexit" at voting Leave in protest at the Establishment - and sadly she isn't alone. Anyone who did so should be forcefully reminded of Stewart Lee's point that voting for UKIP in protest is like shitting in your hotel bed as a protest against poor service only to realise that you've then got to sleep in a shitty bed.

Cornwall, which voted strongly in favour of Brexit, is now desperately seeking assurance that there will be no shortfall in funding caused by the loss of EU money. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas. I shouldn't mock, though - my own home county is doing exactly the same.

While no one seems to know quite what will happen now, it's beyond doubt that the referendum result has already had significant effects - quite apart from Cameron's resignation and the implosion of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet, there's the fact that racist incidents seem to be on the rise.

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