Saturday, June 18, 2016

Give a glimpse of what yer are

On the evidence of their appearance on Later... (the first of their lengthy career), Henry Rollins was right about the forthcoming Dinosaur Jr album. The band gave us a hint of what is to come on 5th August with 'Tiny' and 'Goin Down', which, while hardly breaking their well-established mould, stack up perfectly well alongside pretty much anything else they've done before.

In the footage J looks like J; Lou Barlow appears to be transforming into some 70s blues metal beast of a bassist (the Folk Implosion days feel a long time ago); and Murph looks like an ordinary middle-aged man, albeit one playing drums in an extraordinary band.

According to Barlow, credit for the performance's impact was partially due to Mascis' friend and collaborator Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, who "came along to ensure the live sound was live" - and, as Barlow noted, his bass certainly was audible...

Meanwhile, in advance of Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not dropping, Pitchfork's Benjamin Scheim has offered a list of Mascis' 15 best guest appearances on guitar on other people's songs - none of which, to my shame, I have in my record collection.

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