Tuesday, May 03, 2016

"Weird. But great"

Reading the BBC's Ben Dirs' fascinating interview with Steve Davis, on the occasion of his retirement from snooker at the age of 58, you have to wonder how the six-time world champion was ever earned his notorious reputation for being boring - a pallid, stiff, suit-wearing precursor to Spitting Image's John Major.

It's a real shame that ATP looks to be dead in the water. As a huge fan of out-there art rock, prog and electronica and someone who feels his life "is like living in a big holiday camp, where everyone's nice to me", Davis would have been perfect for a DJ slot at one of their weekenders, following in the footsteps of fellow ex-sportsman-cum-record-spinner Pat Nevin. It's hardly a far-fetched suggestion, either - Davis has already had one such slot at Bloc Festival at ATP's old haunt of Butlins Minehead...

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