Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trash talk

Who better to help trace the decline from the musical heights hit by The Strokes to the nadir of bland, commercial landfill indie during the noughties than one of its chief architects, Johnny Borrell? In this piece on Noisey, the former Razorlight man tries to deflect some of the blame onto his bandmates, particularly drummer Andy Burrows, but accepts (with a measure of megalomania that is both perverse and characteristic) that 'Before I Fall To Pieces' was "where we totally fucked it up for everyone. I think you can kind of say that in 2006, at the start of this video, music was in quite an interesting place. Then three-and-a-half minutes later it's fucked."

I can't disagree with the selection of the songs marking the decline, though the inclusion of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' 'Bang' (and Borrell's enthusiasm for it) does rather unfairly tarnish the song and the band by association, even if it's only featured so as to illustrate how rapidly and how radically things went downhill afterwards.

(Thanks to Chris for the link.)

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