Thursday, April 28, 2016

Know Your Enemy

"I sympathise a little with Hunt - he was born into military aristocracy, a cousin of the Queen, went to Charterhouse, then Oxford, then into PR: trying to get him to understand the life of an overworked student nurse is like trying to get an Amazonian tree frog to understand the plot of Blade Runner. Hunt doesn't understand the need to pay doctors - he's part of a ruling class that doesn't understand that the desire to cut someone open and rearrange their internal organs can come from a desire to help others, and not just because of insanity caused by hereditary syphilis."

Frankie Boyle on our not-so-esteemed Health Secretary. His Guardian piece on Hunt's sustained assault on junior doctors and the NHS as a whole has been the subject of effusive praise, much of it from those in the medical profession - and rightly so. The concluding paragraph is stunningly good.

(Thanks to Damian for the link.)

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