Thursday, March 24, 2016

The art of noise

Dave Grohl may be too busy to turn up to recording sessions with Melvins, much to the annoyance of Buzz Osborne, but he can still find the time to write a letter petitioning a local council to reconsider noise restrictions placed on the practice space of a teenage metal band, Black Leaves Of Envy. The letter is a measured but heartfelt defence that draws upon personal experience of formative years and underlines the fact that practice venues are as important as gig venues when it comes to facilitating creativity and nurturing talent. Even Osborne would be inclined to doff his cap, you'd hope.

Grohl went further, though, implying that a degree of compromise is necessary by offering the band some advice on how to better soundproof their space. The tips, available on the Foo Fighters website, are likely to be of use to far more people than merely those to whom they're primarily addressed.

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