Monday, February 01, 2016

Punks in pics

Presumably prompted by the fact that John Lydon turned 60 yesterday (I was going to say "celebrated his 60th birthday", but I can't see him being too happy about it), there seem to have been a few Sex Pistols photographs appearing online in the last few days: fan Dave Smitham's snapshots of the band when they appeared in Caerphilly in 1976 in front of around 50 people, with The Clash and Johnny Thunders in support; and French photographer Pierre Benain's pictures from a shoot at Lydon's flat in early 1978, after the band had imploded and shortly before Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen.

Meanwhile, judging by this gallery of sample images (which doesn't actually include any of the Pistols), Sheila Rock's new book Punk+ is a valuable visual document of the nascent punk scene in London - one that might sit nicely alongside Stephen Colegrave and Chris Sullivan's Punk on my shelves.

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