Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The kids are aren't all right

Given that the Tories threw their toys out of the pram when the House of Lords had the temerity to reject their proposed cuts to tax credits, you have to suspect that they're none too happy about the fact that the peers have humiliated them again, by voting for an amendment to the new Life Chances Act that will force the government to publish figures on income-related child poverty. Incredibly, the Tories had been attempting to scrap income-related measures, as if poverty has nothing to do with a lack of money. Of course, they were eager to do so to avoid the publication of evidence that indicates child poverty is worsening under their rule, as a consequence of the ideologically motivated austerity drive. Typically underhand, pernicious politics, even by their own exceptionally low standards.

(Thanks to Hannah for the link.)

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