Monday, January 18, 2016

Quote of the day

"It was an astonishing world of glowing oddness that hypnotised you. I remember looking at the naked dog sleeve of Diamond Dogs intrigued by its twisted strangeness and sci fi dystopian vision. I remember the micro group of Ziggy kids walking through my home town of Blackpool – proto freaks in a world of squares on a trip led by their zigzag faced hero who turned the future into art. And yet…

And yet for all his beautiful freakishness Bowie was oddly British. This was the true sound of the suburbs. The true pulse of the glowing freak show of the endless houses at the edge of British cities where all the great wonkiness emerges from. The pent up suburban sex behind those twitching curtains."

John Robb, founder of The Membranes and Louder Than War, makes a very pertinent point in the midst of his own glowing and heartfelt eulogy for David Bowie. He was, after all, someone who, in a song called 'Life On Mars?', slipped in a reference to the Norfolk Broads.

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