Saturday, January 02, 2016

Know Your Enemy

"Richard Dawkins is a grown man, a best-selling author, a prize-winning scientist and an emeritus fellow at Oxford. On Twitter, he is something else entirely. His self-presentation there is comically indistinguishable from that of a precocious, argumentative, peer-despised pre-teen who has read a few Richard Dawkins books: obsessed with his own internal logic but oblivious to the context in which people are rolling their eyes at him, relentlessly condescending and aggrieved by the opinions of other humans. He’s best known for having opinions many consider reactionary and Islamophobic, and also for the time he was upset he was prohibited from taking a pot of honey on an airplane."

Nitsuh Abebe of the New York Times on one of the things we learned from online disputes in 2015.

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