Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Records on records

Call me ignorant, but I'd never heard of Discogs before coming across this article - I have no idea how, given that it marries two of my passions: music and the nerdish and pedantic compiling of information...

(Thanks to Simon for the link.)


skif said...

Yes, I'm a recent convert to Discogs too. Useful for picking up hard to find vinyl LPs. I have also just spent far too much time doing an inventory of my stuff on there (I tell myself this is for insurance purposes - when nerdish, pedantic compiling is more in keeping)

Clearly I am missing the cataloguing and classification part of librarianship which I am no longer really required to do at work.

It was the Pompey stuff and demos sent to Vanity Project that took the time, most 'bought' stuff was already on there. Glad I discovered it late, therefore.

Ben said...

I should start contributing too, though am still working on updating my own list of albums owned (for insurance purposes, of course!).