Wednesday, December 23, 2015

All apologies

After the barrage of insulting, pejorative journalism to which he's been subjected by the right-wing press, it's pleasing to see Jeremy Corbyn striking a blow back - or the IPSO Complaints Committee doing so on his behalf, at least. The committee has not only ordered the Sun to publish an apology for their malicious and erroneous claim that Corbyn only signed up to be a privy councillor to secure up to £6.2m "short money" for his party, but also insisted that the apology must appear on the front page, rather than tucked away in a much less prominent place somewhere deep within the rag (as is their usual approach to such things).

Here's hoping that this is a declaration of intent from IPSO, and the mainstream media is indeed going to be held to greater account, as per IPSO's remit.

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