Saturday, December 05, 2015

A sound soundtrack

A suggested playlist to accompany a literary work? Where Alan Partridge led the way, music journalist Ben Myers has followed, proposing thirteen tracks as an accompaniment to his Portico Prize-winning novel Beastings, "a story set in the distant past – and which features a mute girl who abducts a baby and a sadistic priest with a penchant for sex and medicinal cocaine". The playlist features tracks by Can, Earth, Brainiac, 90 Day Men and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ("The Beatles had they got into smack, sacrifice and knife-play instead of peace and love"), and concludes with Mogwai's mighty 'My Father, My King' ("one of the great recorded pieces of music of the early twenty-first century").

The result is twofold: first, I really want to listen to the playlist in its entirety, and second, I really want to read the book.

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